Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Abortion Debate in North Carolina General Assembly

Me with a few friends at the NCGA yesterday
Yesterday's events deeply disturbed me. Not just reports of the filth, dead bugs, reuse of dirty surgical instruments and support of third trimester abortions. Never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned ANYONE opposing requiring a physician to be present during a surgical procedure. The same goes for chemical abortions and safety standards. All of the opposition were opposed to the law requiring a physician to be physically present during the surgical abortion procedure and when the chemical abortion medications were administered. They opposed bringing abortion clinics up to the same standards as other ambulatory surgical clinics in the State of North Carolina. They ignored the fact that every single abortion clinic in our state has been guilty of a violation of the current standards - of course, this oversight was intentional. They believe that increasing the standards means abortion clinics will have to close. Why would a billion dollar industry have trouble maintaining standards that other surgical centers must maintain?

I've had to have D&Cs for my miscarriages--one was after a month long attempt to chemically abort our dead baby- 5 doses over a month. I thought I'd finally miscarried, but the baby was still in my womb and I needed a D&C. Had my physician not been following me, I would have assumed I'd miscarried completely and could have ended up with an infection or worse. I cannot imagine allowing a physician to give me this medication without examining me frequently. I would not have ever had any of my 3 D&Cs if the physician wasn't going to be physically present. Would any sane person allow themselves to be operated on without the attending physician present?

Women came forward yesterday and said a law requiring more physician oversight and requiring physicians to be present for the surgical procedure was horrible, wrong,and pushing our religion on them. Really? Because we care enough about the women that they be treated as if they were in any other ambulatory surgical center? Because they should, like with any other surgical procedure, be attended by a physician? We are evil because we think women should be followed more closely when given chemicals to abort their child- because this monitoring will prevent complications? Why is abortion different than any other surgical or chemical procedure? These people had the audacity to stand before us and tell us that those of us on the right wanted women to have back-alley abortions- when they are they ones who want back-alley clinic abortions without oversight. 

A man stood up in opposition. He rambled on and on trying to operationally define "physically present". For instance, he asked, "Is the parking lot 'physically present'?"  I came home and asked my 17 year old and his 16 year old friend this question: "If someone says a physician must be physically present during a surgery, what does that mean?"  They both looked at me like I was crazy and said at the same time, similar versions of,  "That he has to be  where the surgery is?"  Yes, even teenagers get what that man could not grasp.

One woman stood up and was proud of the fact that she supported third trimester abortions. Others spoke and were proud of the fact they had killed their own children. They even had the audacity to use the US Constitution saying that they had a right to have an abortion, while ignoring the fact that LIFE is the first of the unalienable rights. Without life, none of the other God-given, constitutionally protected rights are possible. 

This is the real war on women- and the Democrats are launching it. I was horrified yesterday. The cry of liberals yesterday: "Abortion on demand, without apology, without a physician present and without safety regulations." Yesterday completely blew my mind. Evil exists in this world and yesterday, I was right in the middle of it. Of course Planned Parenthood was there, the ACLU and NARAL, too. All opposed.

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