Friday, July 19, 2013

Obama, Day 200 & 16.7K in OOP Medical

Oh my. Yesterday he comes out and is so darn proud of the fact that some one million Americans received an average of a $100 rebate from Obamacare. *wiping tears from my eyes*

Mr. President, shove the rebates up your ass and let's go back to the pre-obamacare days. As of today, the 200th day of the year, we have been billed $16,769.72 in out of pocket medical expenses. We've not received a rebate, but if we received the average rebate of $100 it really wouldn't do crap for us. If you add in what we have paid in premiums, that number goes to $20,789.53.  $100 doesn't make a dent!

Then he says he could have been Travon. Yes, Mr. President, you could have been Travon- he smoked pot, too. Wouldn't you more than likely be George Zimmerman since you are both half white?

Now for a break down of medical expenses - 11 bills still not in. J has met his OOP max, S has not... and the other 3 in the house have not even met our deductibles yet. Keep in mind that not all these expenses are deductible, our deductibles do not go toward our OOP max and that's why we have over $4,000 more to go before reaching our OOP max and $464 before we reach our deductible of $1950. If we made (we don't) $100,000 the first 10K could not be deducted. Subtracting the amounts we could deduct  *if* we made 100K, we could only deduct $6,431.28. Thanks Obama. thanks.

Prescriptions: $5,451.27 (does not go toward deductible/OOP)
Urinary Catheters: $468.53
Dental: $1,412.00 (does not go toward Deductible/OOP)
Oral Surgery: $1,368.00 (does not go toward deductible/OOP)
Doctor Visits: $3,577.87
MRI: $562.46
xray-u/s: $438.85
PT/OT: 25.57
Labs: $823.23 ($587.33 does not go toward deductible/OOP)
Misc: $407.64 (include orthotics, arm braces, etc does not go toward deductible/OOP)
OTC Mito Cocktail: $556.55 (does not go toward deductible/OOP)
Cincy Gas: $154.36
Cincy Hotel $638.44 (only allowed to deduct $300)
ER Visits: $570.95
Eye Care: $314.00 (does not go toward deductible/OOP)

Paid on 2012 medical in 2013: $1,453.21
Still owe on 2012 medical: $1.022.00

With the notes on the side, you can see why we have not yet met our OOP max of $7,500....... 

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