Thursday, July 4, 2013

14K in OOP Medical #Obamacare Failure

More medical bills (it's all electronic) came in this morning and we are now over the 14K mark in out of pocket medical for 2013 ($14,188.46). Tell me again how Obamacare is helping us by raising the costs of everything (actual costs, ins premiums, copays, OOPs) while decreasing the amount we can deduct, decreasing our flex spending and increasing our taxes? I'd to hear the liberals who keep saying how wonderful Obamacare is tell me why the destruction of my family's finances works for us and the *common good*. 
**This 14K doesn't include what we pay in insurance premiums. 

Once I get all the bills in from our recent Cincy trip, I'll post a breakdown of expenses. 

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