Monday, July 8, 2013

14.5K in OOP Medical & Still Have Not Reached Deductible or OOP Max

Isn't is fantastic that we already have over $14,500 in OOP medical with 13 bills still not in.... but still have not met our deductible or OOP Max. It's thanks to ‎#obamacare increasing everything from costs, premiums and our deductible and OOP amounts. Barack Hussein Obama IS the worst president ever.

 This has been the worst year since Obamacare passed. We've never been at $14,500 this early in the year -- and certainly never been at 14.5 K without meeting out deductibles and OOPs since they went up last year...... this has been a bad year and we still have the wrist surgery-- which may not happen until next year and then we will be even more screwed... and this does not include all of our Cincy bills...... Cincy is a very small part of the 14.5K total so far.
**the 14.5K does not include what we pay for premiums-- that would make me vomit

Below: Medical bills we've paid in 2013. On the left paid with Flex. On the right paid with cash and credit. Sure looks like the drop in flex worked out for us, eh? :sarcastic font:


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