Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Few Things Explained

Some anonymous liberals have posted comments (Note: I think anonymous comments are posted by spineless, lily livered folks). The opinion piece doesn't include much in the way of facts, and, at the end of the day, when our premiums have gone up $1,528 since the passage of the piece of crap law known as Obamacare-- we have personal experience with rate hikes. When we have a copay for a medication protecting my son's kidneys increase from $131 to $495-- we have personal experience with cost hikes due to Obamacare. The blood product my son receives every week has had a 100% increase in copay since Obamacare- we have experience with cost increases. These copays had remained the same going back to 2005, and perhaps earlier.... I didn't dig out the 2004 taxes to check, so it's just my memory's word on anything past 2005.

Further, when we have hospitals calling for the first time in 16 years letting us know our insurance is now considered a high deductible plan, we have experience with changes brought on by Obamacare. They want to be sure we know that we've not yet met our new high deductible yet. We've now had some $10,900 in out of pocket medical expenses and we've not yet reached our deductible of $1950. How crazy is that!?  I'll explain why for you silly little liberals in a bit.

My husband started his current job in 2005. All preexisting conditions were covered day one regardless if we had a lapse in coverage or not. Obamacare didn't do that for us- the company he works for did.  Up until 2010 when the Democrats rammed through Obama's namesake piece of crap legislation, our deductibles, OOPs and copays remained the same -or nearly the same for 5 years. Our premiums had only slight increases and had remained the same in 2009 and 2010. After passage of Obamacare in 2010, our rates are now $1,528 more per year, our deductibles have increased from $650 to $1950 and our out of pocket max has increased from $6,000 to $7,500.

The drop in flex spending from $5,000 to $2,500 has hurt my family. It dropped to 1/3 of what our OOP is. We'd already reached $2,500 in medical spending by the end of January 2013. This is a tax increase- one we did not need. We had to send in $900 to the IRS this year for 2012 taxes-- money we could have used for our kids medical bills! We still owe $1,227.27 for 2012's medical- that extra $900 in taxes could have paid off over half of what we owe! Add to this the fact that Obamacare now reduces the amount of medical we can deduct.... prior to this piece of crap law, we could start deducting medical expenses after 7.5% AGI. This year the percentage is 10% AGI. For those of you who don't understand- this means a family who makes $100,000 a year cannot deduct the first $10,00 in medical. For our family, that means we are just getting into expenses that we will be able to deduct.  How crappy is that when we've had $10,900 something in medical already!? How is this not a tax hike on the middle class?

Add to this the FICA taxes causing us to bring home $400 less a month and you've got a recipe for financial ruin.

Now to explain to the liberals why we have not met our deductible. You see, not all medical expenses go toward your deductible or out of pocket max. For instance NONE of the over 4K we've paid for prescriptions goes toward either. Dental work and oral surgery don't go toward either. When you have kids whose disease affects their teeth, you have a lot of dental work. If you have healthy kids, chances are, they'll need wisdom teeth removed. For my middle son- the infection risk meant we could put it off no longer.

So..... even though we've had (current as of today) $10,738.14 in out of pocket medical expenses (not including insurance premiums), only $1,300 of those expenses have gone toward our deductible. We STILL have $650 to go before we reach our $1950 deductible. We've only reached $1,887.01 toward our $7,500 out of pocket maximum. People who do not use insurance (i.e those with healthy kids or those with secondary medicaid) do not usually understand how this works and how families can come to have 20K plus in medical expenses a year-- medical expenses than cannot all be deducted from one's taxes. Now you know the rest of the story.

Obama sucks.

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