Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Parent's Worst Nightmare

I'm not typically given to getting down about the diseases my two boys have. We've worked hard to raise them and to give them a *normal* life in spite of the challenges they face with Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome and Mitochondrial Disease. This past Monday, my middle son had the first of the four surgeries we know we have this year for the two boys. In 16 days, they both have their bone marrow biopsies and the following week we will find out if the growth plate has closed so the 4th procedure of the year can proceed. The 4th one is rather important because each day that goes by without surgery, he is damaging the bones more and more. He's been complaining of more and more pain, and we're to bring him in when that happens, so we will.....

But, I digress, that isn't the point of this entry. We still have $5,612.99 to meet our out of pocket max for the year and another $650 to meet our deductible. That means we will owe the hospital at least $4,000 after their bone marrow biopsies-- add that to the almost 11K we've already been billed this year..... and we're screwed. The really high copay of $532 doesn't go toward any deductible or OOP..... and we can't even deduct it from our taxes. To add insult to injury, the government continues to rape us and takes more and more of our money -- making it impossible for us to pay for our kids' medical bills.

We're pretty much out of credit.... and that's a parent's worst nightmare. We're a working middle class family whose government has taken away our ability to pay for our own children's medical needs. They've increased the cost of our insurance, increased the cost of these procedures and medications our children need. They were not content with only doing that, they raised our taxes, too.

All but one credit card is maxed out- hubby was able to pay some of one off with his bonus-- oh, and he sent the IRS an extra $900 for 2012 taxes. We have out two loans. Our cars are all paid for, but all have *issues* that need to be fixed. My washing machine leaks water. My wood floor is semi-together after the dishwasher flooded the kitchen last year. Our A/C only works sometimes. We've made the choice to keep working and refuse to allow the government to defeat us.

Tonight, my mind is wandering to my worst nightmare.... the one where we have a job, insurance and no more credit. We're just one step away...and even with no credit...having a job and insurance means we cannot get any assistance. Nope, instead, we continue to be over taxed to pay for OTHER PEOPLE'S children to receive *FREE* healthcare. Hey- I don't mind helping those who CANNOT work-- but I'm pretty darn pissed that we are being forced to help those who REFUSE to work while our family suffers and drowns in debt. I hear you liberals reading this saying, "You're evil."  Tell me this, liberal, WHY is it evil or selfish to want to keep MY OWN MONEY to pay for MY OWN CHILDREN'S medical? Why is the reverse not true for you liberals? WHY is it NOT evil for other people to take away our ability to pay for our children's medical care? Why should my children suffer? Are they not worthy of having parents who can take care of their medical needs? We ARE NOT asking you, the government or anyone else to provide for them. We simply want the government to GET OUT of our lives and our healthcare. We want the government to stop raping us and keeping us from being able to pay our kids' medical bills.

I will keep fighting. I pray that we can change things before it is too late. I pray that I never have to tell my child that we cannot afford the medication that protects his kidneys from damage. I ask you liberals, how can you NOT stand up for MY precious child? Do you want him to develop kidney damage, kidney failure and die? Why is he not as important as any other child in America? My pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Senator Kay Hagan ignores me. Her staff members roll their eyes at me.... then have the audacity to say they CARE about my children. Where are the lefties coming out to fight for my children?

All you lefties can offer is, "I'm sorry Obamacare is hurting your family," as you pretend Obamacare really is helping others. My children are just statistics to you- "Oops...we're sorry, but somebody has to get screwed, so sorry it's you.".

Look at your children, count your blessings and pray that you are never faced with not being able to afford a life-saving medication. It truly is a parent's worst nightmare.

**Sorry if my thoughts are scattered tonight--but you get my point. It sucks. Obama sucks. Obamacare sucks.

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