Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moral Mondays and Witness Wednesdays in Raleigh, NC

We were with a group at the General Assembly talking to our legislators about our opposition to common core yesterday. We saw a few of the Moral Monday folks walking around inside the building. They had a crowd of just over 100 people gathered around Reverend Barber outside. It was really a joke, to be honest with you. The newspaper reported that there were over 1,000 people attending the NAACP's Wednesday Witness yesterday. I can assure you, there were NOT 1,000 folks (see pictures below). Read the newspaper report here.

The rev. Barber was blathering on about, "Equality for all people!" as he stood next to women holding pro-choice signs. He also spoke about the school choice and scholarship programs destroying government schools. So, his message is this: Parents have the right to choose to murder their unborn children, but they do not have the right to choose the schools their children attend.

Moral Monday people support oppression. If you are opposed to school choice, you are saying that you support forcing poor students to remain in failing schools. If you oppose school choice, you are saying that these poor children do not deserve a chance at a better education. Could it be because Moral Monday folks WANT them to be uneducated so that they have more Democratic voters?

The crowd from behind. Rev Barber standing in front of the man with the Beige blazer.For reference, notice the man in the wheelchair and the black man in black pants, white shirt next to him.

This picture shows the rest of the crowd. The man in the wheelchair would be just off to the left had I moved back further....notice the black man in black pants and white shirt from above- he is standing next to the man in the wheelchair  There were not 1,000 people in attendance

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