Saturday, June 29, 2013

13K in OOP Medical and Counting

Today we crossed over the 13K mark ($13,021.44)  in out of pocket medical expenses with 2 more bills posting. This doesn't include their bone marrow biopsies, MRI, u/s, 2 ER visits,and 4 doctor visits. I'd like to thank #obamacare , Barack and the Democratic party for jacking us over. We Still have $650 to meet our family deductible and $4,875.33 to meet our family OOP - pre- #obamacare we would have long since met our deductibles and OOPs AND we'd of been able to deduct more of our expenses AND been better off financially with the higher flex limit. But Barack and the Democratic lackeys don't care if my children die....who cares if we can't afford their meds and don't qualify for their compassionate assistance? S&J have $2,375.33 before they meet their new, higher and compassionate OOP max - remember, the $4,757 we've paid in med copays that Hussein increased do not go toward any deductibles or OOPs. We are officially SCREWED thanks to the racists in the Democratic party- I think they hate middle class white boys with chronic illness. Obviously, middle class white boys come from evil working middle class families and don't deserve for their families to be able to afford their medical bills. These evil middle class families must be destroyed and Obama and the Democratic party are hellbent on doing that.

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