Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Common Core in North Carolina

  • Common Core has been adopted by the North Carolina State Board of Education

  • North Carolina students just sat for the first round of Common Core Exams

  • Common Core in North Carolina tied to eligibility for Race to the Tops Funds (500 MILLION Dollars)

  • Common Core is a take over of public education by the Federal Government


  • States accepting Common Core must adopt the curriculum word for word

  • States accepting Common Core may not add more than 15% additional content to the curriculum

  • In certain subject areas, NC schools will not have access to Common Core Exam grades just taken (June) until the fall.  This means that students will have already started new coursework in these areas without knowing how they performed on the exam for the previous course.   
  • These Common Core exams were untested
  • These Common Core exams counted as much as 25% of a student’s final course grade

  • North Carolina teachers were expected to administer Common Core Exams without knowledge of the complete curriculum

  • We have heard of numerous cases across North Carolina where teachers apologized repeatedly to students for testing them without knowing that they had been able to fully prepare them for the exams

  • Students who took Common Core exams have reported being unprepared – material on exams the students had never seen in the classroom

  • Among the many oddities reported by North Carolina students who took Common Core exams was the addition of short answer questions on MATH exams!   

  • Implementation of Common Core is estimated over the next seven years to cost North Carolina 525 MILLION DOLLARS or an average of 75 MILLION DOLLARS per year (source –  Civitas Institute & AccountabilityWorks)

  • No federal money will be given to states to implement Common Core

  • Common Core leads to collection of student data (a national student data system) – not only academic data but health history, disciplinary, family income, and even religious affiliation!
 Courtesy of FreedomWorks

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