Sunday, June 9, 2013

NCGOP Convention in Charlotte

It was great to be at the NCGOP convention this weekend and to meet so many hard working conservatives! It was a great reminder that North Carolina was the only state that went for Obama in 2008 that did NOT go for him in 2012. We've got a lot of work to do in 2014 - especially since our great victories statewide mean the Democratic machine will be pouring money into our state at a level never before seen. I'm ready to get to work with old friends and new. Let's roll!

We had 47 delegates from our county! Joyce Krawiec is the newly elected NCGOP Vice Chair and we are just so proud that she is from our county!  

We had the legalize marijuana people picketing outside along with a man I call "Jesus man".  Obviously, the marijuana folks are libertarians. I think every delegate I saw walk past them just laughed. I told Jesus man that I already knew Jesus and another person told him he was at the wrong convention, that he needed to be at the Democratic Convention. I added that our party fights to make sure people can pray to Jesus wherever they are! 

They also had a Heroes convention on the bottom floor- it was crazy to see ol, fat men dressed up as Spiderman. I didn't get a picture of that Spidey-- I did get a few others. . 

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