Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2013-Day 148 Medical Expense Update

Are you sitting down? As of today, our insurance company has paid $166,567.98 for medications. We aren't even halfway through the year. That's $33,313.60 per month for medications alone. Go ahead and tell me how evil insurance companies are. I dare you. They used to pay more before OBAMACARE. Obamacare is evil. We're on track for insurance to pay $400,000 just for meds this year.

We've paid $4,053.40 for all of our medications this year. Not too shabby, considering how much insurance has paid out. 

Today is the 148th day of the year and we've been billed a total of $9,959.53 in out of pocket medical. We still owe $1,127.27 from 2012 medical bills and have already paid $1,353.21 on 2012 medical bills. We've paid $8,001.46 on 2013 medical bills and still owe $1,958.07 for 2013 medical bills.  I'm SURE that by day's end we'll have gotten another $40.47 in medical bills to bring us up to $10,000! 

Easy breakdown of what we've paid and what we owe:

We owe $3,085.34 for 2012/2013 medical bills. We paid out over 16K in medical last year, folks. This year, we've already paid in flex, cash and credit: $9,354.67 for 2012/2013 medical. I include 2012 because the medical bills we pay in 2013 go toward our medical deductions. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE COST OF OUR INSURANCE PREMIUMS.

Here is a breakdown of our 2013 medical bills (our portion/what we've been billed):

Prescriptions: $4,053.40
Urinary Catheters: $429.53
Dental: $1,235.00
Oral Surgery: $1,368.00
Doctor visits: $1,771.28
MRI: $133.17
Xray/US: $375.14
PT/OT: $25.57
Labs: $103.36
Misc: $34.12
Mito OTC: $430.96

All of this used to cost us less before Obamacare. Obama and Obamacare suck.



Anonymous said...

Just thought you might want to read this...


Pattie Curran said...

Dear anonymous (Don't you love how some people are too chicken to even put their names?) - Our premiums have gone up $1,528 per year since Obamacare was enacted. Our OOP max was raised from $4,500 to $7,500, our deductible was raised from $650 to $1950. ALL numbers that had stayed the same for MANY, MANY years prior to Obamacare passing. So regardless of what this opinion pieces says, we are feeling the effects of Obamacare. Next time, be brave enough to al least put a first name.

Pattie Curran said...

This past week, the hospital called to make sure we knew we now had a high deductible plan and had not yet met our deductible - kind of crazy given we're now at $10,900 in out of pocket medical. Perhaps, anonymous, you should look at the real numbers I've posted along with the receipts. I have posted charts and pictures of our bills.

Pattie Curran said...

Oh, and look up the lady in Oregon who was refused chemotherapy and died because the Oregon state plan ran out of money.

Pattie Curran said...

Here ya go: State of Oregon plan refuses to pay for chemo, but covers suicide drugs: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=5517492&page=1#.UauEm9iwVVU

Anonymous said...

Dear Pattie, Anonymous here again. And yes, I've seen your real numbers. Trust me, I'm sorry for what you are going through, and I praise you for being such an advocate for your children and your family.
I read your blog on a regular basis and we're Facebook friends, and while I think most of what you post is such far-out right-wing conspiracy theory crap and that you really have no grasp on reality, I do respect you as a mother.

Pattie Curran said...

What a patronizing joke. It is not logical to say you respect someone as a mother-someone whom you think doesn't have a grasp on reality -- Um.. doesn't not having a grasp on reality kinda disqualify someone from being respected as a good mother? Imagine someone thinking I am a conspiracy theorist! Bwahahahahaha Our government is too dang inefficient to pull of any conspiracy! They don't even know what's going on in their own departments until the news reports it! How the H*LL can they conspire to do anything!?

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