Tuesday, January 29, 2013

March for Life 2013

It was amazing! The 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade and the largest turnout ever. Many people, including myself, noted that we'd never been so crowded at the march before. Shoulder to shoulder and constant bumping. It was hard to find a place to take photos. In the past, you could find a space to stop and snap a few pictures. Some news sources are reporting that 650,000 people came to the march!

We waited 40 minutes at the mall just to start the march.  I really was that crowded!

My friends and me holding our signs

This man was so cute- he asked me to take a picture of him with my sign. I also got one with my camera.

The mall filling up before the march

read this sign carefully!

The Senate office building

She was so happy when I asked if I could take her picture!

Superheroes for life

We found one of my oldest son's friends at the march

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Lisa said...

I just love these photos! Wow! What a beautiful sight seeing so many people standing up for the truth!

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