Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Liberals on a Train

Like Snakes on a train, only worse. 

I walked into the train station last week and there was a drunk liberal with his friend.  The heat was up so high in the station that I removed my coat.  Since I was headed to the March for Life later that morning, I had on a pro-life t-shirt. Shocking, I know.  Of course, you know liberals, if they disagree with you, they HAVE to say SOMETHING.

The man told me he was pro-choice. Okay. Then started asking me questions about Obama which led to unintelligible questions about Obamacare.  I finally gave up and moved across the small room only to sit down next to another liberal. A much quieter liberal. The drunk guy needed assistance from his friend to get on the train..... his friend exited the train and wasn't traveling with his friend.

They sat us next to each other on the train. As we sat there, she told me she was pro-choice and an atheist. A few minutes later, our train hit a car. (read the article about the accident here) When the Amtrak lady told us, I said to this atheist lady, "We need to pray for the person who was just hit."  She agreed. Funny how atheists will pray. As we sat, she told me a bit about herself and that she'd worked for the Obama administration.  She, like the Rowan County Democrat, said that Obamacare would "even out" and prices would "come back down". What are these people drinking? I find it absolutely amazing that they really believe the load of crap the Democratic Party spews. She couldn't argue with my family's experience, so she just used their talking points, "After the costs go up, they'll come back down."   WOW.  At least she was a nice liberal and not like the drunk dude.   We did have a few things we agreed upon.  

Liberals are amazing people. She told me numerous times that she was working on her PhD, almost as if she needed to explain to me that she really was educated.  Her boyfriend supposedly photographed an interview of the Obamas and all sorts of interesting things. I'm not saying she was making it up, I just have to laugh because liberals think people care about that stuff.  Obama makes me want to puke and I feel sorry for the people who have to work for him.  Most liberals (including the gal on the train) have some sort of groupie  relationship with this man and his wife. He's NOT a rock star, people!  He's a communist puke!

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