Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 7

I meant to post this yesterday. By January 7, 2013, our insurance has already paid out $24,241 for our boys' medications and our portion was $333.33.

I'm sick of people saying the insurance companies are evil.  When you need a blood product like one of my boys receives, that's what insurance is for. Those of you out there thinking you need FREE birth control, FREE abortions drugs and FREE sterilization- how about you pay your fair share like President Obama is always touting?

When we pay 2-3K plus for each surgery my kids have, why should you get an elective surgery for free? When a medication that protects my son's kidneys costs us a co-pay of $343, why should you get birth control for free? Your FREE costs everyone else money because you aren't paying your fair share. And these FREE items murder babies in the womb and do not treat disease.  Makes me want to puke.

I'm sure the kidney med is going to go up at least $50 to $400 something. Before Obamacare the co-pay was $150 and it just keeps rising with our premiums, OOPs and deductibles.

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