Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Barack Obama Hurts Sick Kids

I have a son with a neurogenic bladder.  He caths every 4 hours and takes medication for his condition. He doesn't respond to generic medications. We've done urodynamic studies while on generic and his pressures are still high enough to cause kidney damage.  He also reports pain while on the generic form.

For the 5 years prior to Obamacare, the co-pay for this name brand drug was $150.  In 2011, the year after Obamacare passed, the co-pay went up to $283. Last year it went to $343. Just found out today that when we refill it in a few weeks, it will be $495.  We're not even finished with January and our flex spending is gone (thanks to Obamacare for dropping the limit) and now we find out how much higher some co-pays will be. We can't even put the first refill on our flex spending.

Just as with our premiums, co-pays, out of pocket and deductibles-- for five years they went up slightly. Then Obamacare hit and they've exponentially increased. Combine this with the FICA tax increase, decrease in flex spending and decreased medical deductions, and we are screwed. We've already taken out two loans...we don;t have car payments...we buy and drive only used cars.

I canceled our newspaper subscription today-- it won't go far toward paying the $1,980 a year to buy this medication.  But it is a start. I suppose we could cancel our phones, electric and walk every where we go, too. 

I called the drug company...We are so screwed. We have insurance so we don't qualify for assistance. BUT they make exceptions based on family size and income. AND We are screwed again-- hubby makes too much. Ain't it grand to be part of the *rich* middle class? Rich enough that the government steals more from you, poor enough that you can't afford your own children's medical bills, yet too effing rich to qualify for any assistance programs. 

I called my senators and my representative (Congress) and will call my state legislators tomorrow. I don't know what else to do to make our voices heard. My boys do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicaid waiver (everyone always asks that after I explain how screwed we are). The Reality is that if Obama hadn;t jacked everything up with Obamacare, then we'd be much better off. I'm sure appreciating the $150 co-pay at a total of $600 a year more than I am the $495 co-pay and $1,980/yr.

Dear Obama: you suck and your laws hurt families with sick kids.

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