Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photo ID Hearings Today in Raleigh

I'm going to try something new.... I'm going to cut and paste my Tweets and FB statuses during the hearings. 

  • It's great to see such a great crowd in support of Photo ID!
  •  133 people signed up to speak. 3 min time limit. Gonna be a long one, especially if its like other hearings where a certain side ignores the time limit. 
  •  first speaker talking about BOE not really doing a good job with the people who voted several times........ And now about DAs who refuse to prosecute voter felonies.
  •  surprisingly, over by the press they have the people opposing photo ID - coincidence!?
  •  Lady speaking now brings up 2nd Amendment rights and how one must show ID to purchase firearm. Good point.
  •  I doubt it, too. They had press passes on the seats and surrounded by the other side. I looked at them all an said,"It figures!" Ha ha ha. You know how shy I am
  •  Current speaker is discussing college students- if they can successfully navigate the registration process and get a student ID, they can get figure out how to get an ID to vote. Also mentioned certain pain meds cannot be picked up at the pharmacy without a photo ID
  • This next speaker brings up trying to purchase a gift card at Starbucks using a credit card. He had to show photo ID to use his credit card.
  • We have a great group in support - all ethnic backgrounds.
  • This current speaker is listing cases of voter fraud currently being investigated in NC and let me tell you, the list is long!!!!!!!
  • Wow - she is listing the votes that were double counted because of the fraud!!!! True the vote ! Ensure the integrity of the ballot box!
  • She and others want a tougher bill!! Yes! No loopholes for voter fraud. I.e. remove employee IDs and school IDs as valid forms of IDs to vote---
  •  Next speaker from a research group. Going through voter fraud cases. Nonpartisan group- doesn't look at gender, race or party affiliation. 400 voters charged with voter fraud between 2004-2009 NONE WERE PROSECUTED!!!!  
  •  Oh now we have a civil rights chick speaking. She thinks people are too stupid to get IDs. I love that these people think people are stupid.
  •  Now she's talking about someone who marched with MLK Jr. Wow.
  • Next guy is talking about illegal alien who have been caught voting. He refuted what lib chick said. Said getting IDs not hard.
  •  This guy is rocking it. He's talking about the race card not being a valid argument! May have transcript on website. He's used the word liberals many times! He said,"conservatives support photo ID and liberals oppose it for the same reason!" Rock on!!!! Yep. Liberals cheat to win elections - they know it, we know and the state knows it. He said to go to 
  •  Man who had observed the polls in Halifax county is talking about the voter fraud. He talks of people who come and have to guess their addresses. He said,"Voter ID would help that poor soul remember their address." Also speaking of the mentally disabled who are being brought to the polls by liberals to vote and speaks of a man whose daughter was brought to vote and she didn't know the difference between Mickey Mouse, BHO or Romney "
  •  Another lady who volunteered as poll observer recalling the number of people who did not remember/know their address. An older lady came to the table and asked,"Do I have to register to vote in every county we go to?" She also says elections should be free from intimidation and fear. Voter ID makes it easier. She suggests adding photos to the registration cards we already receive an don't even have to present to vote
  •  Pediatrician now speaking. She appreciates that most Americans are honest, but that we need voter ID to keep the temptation to commit voter fraud away. She is going over a case in Durham county. Man died in 2002 and he voted in 2003, 04, twice in 2008 and twice in 2012. Last three times by absentee ballot (Cardoza- is the name) every fraudulent vote undoes an honest vote.
  •  Another man going over cases of one stop voting fraud. A woman voted at 12 early voting locations.
  •  Another voter went to vote, but someone had already stolen her vote !
  • 63 fraudulent votes in his county and one of the commissioners races was won by only 18 votes. Voter fraud definitely changed the outcome of the election!
  •  400 voters charged with voter fraud from 2004-2009 and NONE OF THEM HAS BEEN PROSECUTED!!!!!! Why aren't the DAs prosecuting these crimes!?
  •  Woo! The man speaking now just said that liberals bus people to rallies and pay for meals, that it would be cheaper to bus them somewhere to get IDs. Then told of the time his wife was critically ill and showed up in the ER- she could barely hold her head up, she was so sick. They would not treat her until she showed ID.
  •  Oh brother. Cray- cray speaking. ID says you are guilty until proven innocent - so says she. Right. Crack smoker! I need ID to get Sudafed, insurance, medical treatment, buy a house.......
  • Got to speaker number 80 something before we got to one guy who makes no sense at all. What Evah.
  • Ha ha ha. This guy got up to the mic and said,"Hello, I'm Hugo Chavez." Bwahahahaha How do you know w/o ID!?
  •  Man talking about Democrat poll observers who went through rolls near the end of the day and wrote names and addresses down in about a 15 min time span, then he saw them calling on cell phones. In 15-20 min, people started showing up with pieces of paper with things scribbled on it to vote - obviously reading info off paper. He brought it to the attention of the chief judge and nothing was done. Care to guess the party affiliation of chief judge?
  •  Man speaking said he needed ID to get flu shots. Then he said he doesn't hear democrats complaining about that. Then asked,"Is that because dead people don't need flu shots and live people don't want to get them twice?"
  •  This speaker just said that conservatives say #voterfraud 'only now a prob bec president a man of color'. Idiot! #HB589

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Jay DeLancy, Director said...

Hey Pattie!!! As the "first speaker" mentioned above, I must attack you for being too nice. I sucked! But my friends all bailed me out over the next few hours. Score the day as a big win for truth...and since all truth is God's truth...we'd better give God the glory!
(BTW, love your site, but the way!)

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