Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 113 Medical Expense Report

So far in 2013, our insurance company has already paid out (current as of this morning!) $123,929.40 for medications! Yes, you read that correctly 123K

We've been billed $6,858.97 in out of pocket medical and still owe $1,227.27 for 2012 medical expenses. We've paid $1,253.21 on 2012 medical bills in 2013 already. Do you think our family notices that the flex limit was dropped by Obama and the Democrats? Do you think we notice that our premiums have increased $1,528 per year? Do you think we notice we are bringing home $400 less a month because of these increases and FICA increases? Do you think the extra $900 we sent to Uncle Sam for 2012 taxes was noticed after the government already took most of hubby's bonus already?

Expense breakdown for 2013:
  • Prescription copays: $2,621.55 
  • Mito Cocktail OTC: $334.04 
  • Urinary Catheters: $390.53 
  • Dental: $1,235.00 
  • Doctor Visits: $1,747.20 
  • MRI $133.17 
  • Xray/ u/s: $350.89 
  • PT/OT: $25.57 
  • Labs: $21.02 
We have been billed $60.70 each day so far........ our insurance has paid $1,096.72 per day JUST for medications!

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