Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Parent's Nightmare

Liberals won't care, but I share anyway. Imagine you have 4 surgical procedures coming up for your kids and you still owe money from 16 years of raising chronically ill kids. Your husband gets a bonus from work, the government takes most of it and then you have to send an extra $900 in taxes to the government for 2012. Your pay in 2013 has been decreased by $400 a month because of FICA and increased insurance premiums, but your medical costs are skyrocketing at the same time. Your flex spending account has been cut in half, another huge tax increase and the government has also decreased the amount of medical you can deduct from your taxes.

You've just stepped into my life. On June 3, we have to have $1,450 to pay for an oral surgery my son needs. The $900 we had to send to the government would have been a good start toward paying that. We have 2 bone marrow biopsies coming up in June that will cost about $2,000 each and we have a surgery on an arm for a genetic defect. We have another MRI and many more appointments coming up. The copay for the medication protecting my son's kidneys is now $495. We found out Monday he has a cyst on his right kidney (not a big deal) and that he has hydronephrosis. He has to have the medication, folks.

Two of my boys would like to go on a mission trip with our church youth group. They have to raise $300 each if they want to go.

I wanted to pay a few medical bills to local doctors and it turned into a fight with hubby. Because..... he wants to make sure we can come up with $1,450 for the first surgery on the list.  But what are we supposed to do? Ignore the medical bills? At one point I told him I was angry that he sent the $900 to the government..... that is money we could be using to pay for our own children's medical bills and for their medications. The problem is that the government will steal your money no matter what-- if you don;t give it *freely* they will rape you anyway and freeze your assets. 

No liberal has ever been able to tall me why we are evil because we want to keep more of our own money to pay for our own children's medical bills. I wish that they could put themselves in our shoes for a while and know what it is like to look at your children and KNOW that you cannot afford to pay for their medical care. We do not qualify for any assistance from government or non-profits. We've tried.

We are screwed and Obama sucks. He is a lying scum bag, who along with the Democratic Party, rammed through the worst piece of crap piece of legislation in the history of the nation -- against the will of the American people. We are worse off now than 4 years ago and will likely be bankrupt before Barack Hussein Obama gets out of office. I invite liberals to come explain to my children why we are going bankrupt and why they may not be able to have the surgeries they need.

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