Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 100 Medical Spending Update

These are our totals as of last Wednesday. Still more bills pending.

Total out of pocket medical billed so far in 2013: $5,844.35. Paid in 2013 for 2012: $1,253.21. Still owe for 2012: $1,227.27. And..... only $2, 184.56 goes toward our OOP of $7,500. Ask me how happy we are that our premiums and taxes have gone up making it harder to pay for our boys' medical bills. Ask me how happy we are that our flex limit has dropped and we can't deduct as many medical bills from taxes this year. You might be rich and not notice.... we, however, are not rich. The $1,528 per year premium increase & $400 a month decrease in take home pay are noticed by this family. Obama and the Democratic Party SUCK.

Here's a break down of 2013 medical bills:

Prescription co-pays: $2,173.45
OTC Mito cocktail: $334.34
Urinary catheters: $351.53
Dental: $1,152.00
Doctor visits: $1,314.00
MRI: $133.17
Xray: $339.27
PT/OT: $25.57
Labs: $21.02
**Still waiting on several bills to arrive

Thanks to Obama, life sucks.Need to pay medical bills.... BUT Higher taxes means less money to pay medical bills. Higher premiums means less money to pay medical bills. Higher co-pays means that with less money to pay medical bills, we are screwed. Higher OOPs and deductibles means our medical expenses increase at a time we have less money to pay for these things. We have bills rolling in and we're bringing in $400 less a month and the decreased flex spending (a big tax increase) means we just have to let them sit... we know Ss oral surgery will cost us $1,450 out of pocket...... we just sent $900 to the government for taxes and don't know where the money for his surgery will come from...that $900 would have been a good start. At least CCHMC will bill us for the 2K we'll owe for each kid for their bone marrow biopsies-- tack it on to the $1,500 we still owe from last year... then there's the arm surgery J needs.... another upcoming MRI and lots and lots of doctor appointments..... Obama sucks. Our lives are so much worse off now than 4 years ago....and I am sure by the end of his next term, we'll be totally screwed and bankrupt. I've never been so angry with a president or the entire Democratic Party in my entire life. Their policies are a personal attack on my family-- and they purport to care. My ass. They don't care about Js kidneys having hydronephrosis and the fact that they jacked up the co-pay for the med that protects his kidneys over 400% from $131 to $495. Every day, I find myself becoming angrier and angrier-- more about the medical bills we can't pay than the dumbasses who slash my tire, key my care, flip me off and damage our signs here at home. Obama is the antithesis to hope.

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