Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Picture: The Obamacare Effect on Families with Sick Kids

Today, after filling a few more prescriptions, we reached $18,922.42 in incurred OOP medical in 2014. I say incurred, because we can't afford to pay it. We are still paying on the last several years of medical debt. 

Here's a meme you can share anywhere you'd like. Before Obamacare, the top envelope held more and we were able to pay more medical bills with the tax savings. The bottom envelope only contains what we could pay toward the other $16,422.42 in OOP medical from this year. Liberals will only say I'm lying. This photo is the epitome of what OBAMACARE does to families with sick kids. And let's not forget that our premiums are up over $2,000 per year on top of this.

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