Monday, October 6, 2014

Open-enrollment Notice

Just received notice of open enrollment in the mail today. No details on cost changes, but it appears we will continue to have insurance next year. Unless they send out more information before Oct 26, we will have to wait until then to see exactly how our plan will be changing. I'm fearful that all of our costs will go up yet again.  I hope employees get information before the election so that's they can vote wisely. 


Anonymous said...

C'mon, your husband works for a global corporation that makes 11 billion a year in revenue alone. He has a salaried & professional position, there was never any chance you would lose your insurance and be dumped on the exchanges. I don't understand why you've done all this public hand wringing about something that stood zero chance of happening.

Anonymous said...

Just as an FYI Pattie, the Anonymous above is not your "favorite" Anonymous.
My punctuation is better.
This is some new anonymous.
I had my say a few weeks ago.

Pattie Curran said...

LOL I realize there is no shortage of anonymous liberal cowards. :)

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