Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Obamacare Destruction

Got benefits information in the mail. No other way to say it other than- we are screwed. In 2015, we will have a separate OOP Max for prescriptions of $5700 if we choose the same PPO our plan has morphed into since the law passed. Once we reach $5700, THEN our plan will pay for all meds 100%, except for the lifesaving meds no longer covered. Plus we still have the $7500 OOP Max for medical fir a total of $13200 OOP Max per year. Plus all the things that aren't covered, like the $650 per month fir our sons' lifesaving medications. 

Or we can choose a high deductible HSA plan where we have to pay $4055.69 in January for my son's IGG (blood product he infuses weekly) This plan doesn't pay anything for meds until a $3000 deductible is met, then pays 80% after that. IGG costs over $8k a month. The second month, because our deductible will have been met, IGG will cost us $1655.69. We'd have $650 for the life saving meds no longer covered.... Plus all the things not covered by insurance. 

Pics of plan changes and IGG costs following this paragraph. We just got back from Cincy where my son saw a neurosurgeon. There is a possibility his spinal cord is retethered, so we have to go back in February for some muscle testing and another MRI. This means we will likely incur over 10k of medical expenses in the first two months of next year. Their bone marrow biopsies are in May. We don't know if their doctors are in the HSA plans network. If you like your plan, you can't keep your plan. Liars. Everyone of them lied to the American people. 

I think this is the end of the line for our family. I don't know how we afford any of this. 

To comply with Obamacare:
Our insurance pays over 8k a month (not including our copay) for the blood product my son infuses weekly:

This has been brought to you by Barack Obama and the Democrats....and the Republicans who funded Obamacare. My family cannot afford this and all the other medical expenses. I came home from a week at the hospital with my youngest to this. Great. 

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