Thursday, January 16, 2014

Leftover 2013 Medical Bills...

Some of these will be added to accounts we already have set up... The debt keeps mounting. These are some of the bills we still owe from 2013. Remember we already paid over 21K for medical in 2013 (flex, cash, credit card) We ignored them over the holidays because we have no money to pay them. Still don't. 

We needed an increase in flex, not a decrease. We needed to increase the medical deductions, not decrease the amount we can deduct.... We don't need what our employer pays in health benefits to be taxed as income now. 

If our situation doesn't overwhelm you, you haven't been paying attention. Obamacare is destroying families like mine across the nation. This could happen to your family.... All it takes is one illness that leaves a chronic condition behind. 

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