Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Don't Talk to Me About Corporate Greed

In 2013, the insurance company, hubby's employer since they are self-insured, paid out $389,095.94 for medications for our family. When you add in medical claims, the total gets close to half a million paid out. Don't talk to me about corporate greed. Thank you. 

We are very blessed that he works for a compassionate company! His company has taken on the cost of the increased premiums, and we are grateful.  We completely understand that our costs (deductible, copays and OOP Maxes) have gone up because of Obamacare. I pray for those who work for companies who simply could not afford Obamacare. Hubby's employer sent letters out saying they expect their costs for healthcare to increase 7.4 million, yet they are still providing coverage for their employees. Amazing!!! 

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