Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Obama is a Laughingstock Once Again

They mayor of Toronto is more competent than Barack Obama will ever be. Even on crack, the mayor has more common sense.

In a move to save face, Barack tells the American people they can keep their old cancelled policies without regard to how it would ever work out. You can now have your old policy for a higher cost, if your insurance company decides to reinstate that which Obamacare made illegal and that which will become illegal some 8 months after they spend millions on administrative fees to reinstate and enroll people in their old policies. Right. Smart move Obama. 

Do you think this lady will forget you canceled her policy next year come election time? Do you think she'll forget the stress of receiving her cancelation notice? *IF* her old policy is reinstated, she's gonna be in the same situation all over again next year....... How's that Obamacare hope and change working for you? 

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