Monday, January 6, 2014

Anxiety Over 2014

It's hard not to have anxiety over 2014 when 2013 brought us $27,171.94 in OOP medical and more debt than we could ever have imagined. Prior to Obamacare, we would average 10-12K a year in OOP medical. When our flex was $5,000, it helped us greatly. Now that our costs have more than doubled under Obamacare and our flex has dropped to $2,500 because of Obamacare, we find ourselves struggling as our debt mounts. Our debt seems insurmountable.

I have great anxiety over 2014. Our credit is limited, what will we do when we can't pay for our children's medications and our credit limit is maxed out? 

We are back to school today and I am finding it hard to concentrate on homeschooling. Worry, fear and anxiety have consumed me as we have some 10 appointments this month and one medical test waiting to be scheduled. I look at my children knowing we cannot afford to help them with college costs. Obamacare is removing the ability for my family to achieve American dream. 2014 will be a year of anxiety.... will we even have insurance in 2015?

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