Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Husband's Employer Announces Premium Increases

We received the information on the premium increases we'd been waiting for as open enrollment approaches. I think it is funny that only anonymous people post about Obamacare helping them or their employers. I've not met or heard of any companies announcing Obamacare has helped them- they've all said it is impacting them.

In August, I posted the flyer my husband's employer sent out stating that Obamacare was causing a $7.4 million increase in health plans in 2014. You can see that flyer here. We've been very nervous about open enrollment. As I have stated before, because Obamacare has caused such a hike in our deductibles, copays and out of pocket maximums, we are currently having our worst year financially even though it is not a very bad year medically speaking. As of today, we have been billed $22,700.21 for out of pocket medical and we still owe some $1,500 for 2012.

Back to the employer increases- total premiums will increase $1,537.64/yr in 2014. That is a $3,066 increase since Obamacare passed in 2010. Where's the $2,500 savings that Barack Obama keeps telling us about? We also watched a video my husband's employer produced for the intranet. It sounded like we needed to be prepared to be dumped into the exchanges in 2015. I'm thanking every Obama voter for our current financial situation and for the possibility of being dumped into the exchanges in 2015.

We liked our insurance plan before Obamacare. Obama said we could keep it. He lied.

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