Sunday, October 6, 2013

$22,391.34 In OOP Medical in 2013

Wow.... $22,391.34 is what we've been billed in OOP Medical in 2014 so far. We've NEVER had a year this bad expense-wise and this isn't even a bad year, medically speaking. I'm sure I'll get comments from the liberals telling me I'm lying. That seems to be their only rebuttal.

Remember many months ago when I predicted that we'd have a $25,000 OOP medical year because our copays, deductibles, OOP Maxes had all increased? Looks like I'm going to be pretty darn close. S just his his OOP max. Whew. J hit his a while back. We still have not met our family deductible, so as long as the rest of us don;t get sick, we should come in at 25K in billed medical this year.

I am sure next year will show increases that we just can't afford. With the employer sending notice that their plans are expected to increase by $7.4 million next year, we are anxious about open enrollment. You can see the flyer sent by my husband's employer here

Remember, our deductibles do not go toward our OOP Max. Our Medication Copays don't go toward our OOP Max. I am sure that I'm going to cry the day we find out how much our costs will increase next year. I may vomit, too. I have a stack of bills sitting here that we can't pay.......  setting up payment plans and paying what we can. We max out credit cards like crazy...... what else can we do?

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