Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wentzville Family Loses Health Insurance,Blames Obamacare

Wentzville family loses health insurance and won't be able to afford insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Affordable, it's just another word the Democrats have redefined. It really means "unable to afford" now that the ACA is law.

In the interview, the man says not only has he lost insurance, but he now has to find a new pediatrician for his kids. But Obama said is we liked our plan we could keep it and if we liked our doctor we could keep our doctor. You mean to tell me that Barack Hussein Obama lied to the millions of Americans who now find themselves without the plans they liked and unable to go to the doctors they liked?

Watch the video here

By Mike Rush
WENTZVILLE, Mo. (KSDK) - It looks like all of those problems with healthcare.gov might get a fix. On Monday the president said he's bringing in extra technology experts to work on the site.
President Obama says the affordable care act will make health care cheaper for many people, but a local man who already has insurance says after the law he won't be able to afford his coverage.
Ryan from Wentzville believes he represents a lot of middle class people. He's been worrying all weekend and it's all because of a letter his health insurance company sent him last week. He owns a small excavation and construction company and now he'll have to dig deeper to keep his family insured.
"I'm furious, I'm like stomping mad," said Ryan.
His health insurer, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, is going to drop his family plan because the coverage does not meet the requirements of the affordable care act. Ryan says despite assurances from the president and other politicians that he won't have to change his insurance if he does not want to, his kids will have to find a new pediatrician and a comparable plan with the same company will more than double what he pays.
"The new policy is almost $800 a month and with a $12,500 deductable and co-pays after that," said Ryan.
It's a financial stress on his family and his business and he thinks he represents what many in the middle class will face.
"The guys I work with, they've gotten the same thing, same letters and then when we called Blue Cross/Blue Shield they're like, we've been dealing with this all day long, every day," said Ryan.
Obamacare is such a political issue, but Ryan considers himself to be an independent and says politics has nothing to do with this. He's hoping by sharing his story he'll inspire others in his situation to contact their lawmakers.

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