Sunday, October 6, 2013

McAfee Antivirus Software Founder Warns of Obamacare Privacy Violations

Back in 2010, I asked Senator Kay Hagan how they were going to fix the privacy violations in Obamacare. She had no answer. She stared at me with the deer in the headlights look and said she'd get back to me. She never did.  We warned people that Obamacare was riddled with privacy violations. They ignored us.

We were appalled that private medical records can be shared with 300,000 plus organizations without consent. The Federal government can use your private health information for research without your consent. We had serious concerns about the safety of the private information transmitted via the exchanges. We learned last year that the health navigators would be minimally trained. We've continued to be concerned about the private information transmitted to the IRS.

The founder of McAfee Antivirus Software had a lot to say about the privacy problems on the exchanges.
McAfee Antivirus Founder On ObamaCare Exchanges: 'What Idiot Put This System Out There?'

Again, I hate to say it, but we told you so. I feel for all those who have put their personal information out there.... and pray the government somehow tightens up security to protect the American people signing up on the exchanges. 

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