Monday, March 18, 2013

Medical Jan 1- Mar 15, 2013

Total medical billed/paid in 2013: $6,506.98. Amount paid in Flex/check/credit: $5,342.72. Amount we still owe for 2012: $1,166.10. Amount we still owe for items billed (so far) in 2013: $1,164.26.
Breakdown of 2013 medical from Jan1-March 15, 2013:

Prescription meds: $1,814.52
Prescriptions not covered by insurance: $139.94
Mito cocktail prescribed OTC not covered: $234.77
Paid on 2012 medical bills: $1,203.21
Urinary Catheters: $312.53
Doctor visits: $1,158.00
Dental: $1,146.00
MRI: $133.17
Xrays: $339.27
PT/OT: $25.57

Not yet billed:

Dr. O, J
Dr. H S
Dr. R J

Upcoming appointments/knowns:

Oral Surgery S: $1,450
urology J Apr
renal u/s J Apr
Hem/onc S&J June
GI S&J May
extra dental J: $233
Bone Marrow biopsies Aug
Dr. H S&J Aug
Immunology J Jul
Prescription meds at least another $4,500 min

Obama still sucks and Obamacare is crap.*only $1,968.54 of this goes toward our Out of pocket max for 2013 (of $7,500!)

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