Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kay Hagan Round Two

We met with Kay Hagan's Legislative Assistants today. They are as rude and condescending as Kay Hagan herself. They were late and wanted to leave early. Overall, they spent about twenty minutes with us, and would not have allowed us that amount of time had I not told the head assistant that he was listening to my friends' stories!

They didn't want to hear what we had to say. They didn't feel that government dictating what is and is not covered was government controlled healthcare. They didn't feel government mandating that Americans purchase "government approved " insurance was any sort of government control, either.

Karen smirked and rolled her eyes twice when I gave the HHS mandate as an example of how Obamacare allows the government to control our healthcare. The second time she rolled her eyes and smirked, I told her,"You are welcome to leave." The look on her face was utterly priceless. When Josh told me I didn't have the right to tell her to leave her own conference room, I came back with,"We own this building and we pay your salary. She shouldn't be smirking and rolling her eyes at me." He replied,"Uh-huh," in a very condescending manner.

When I finished, friend number two shared her story and that's when we were told they had another meeting at two! This, after arriving late to meet us. He wasn't going to allow my third friend to speak, but I told him, "You will listen to her story."We drove over 6 hours for this meeting and they have the audacity to cut our time short.

Kay Hagan's people really think that Obamacare increasing a life-saving medication's copay to $495 is Obamacare working and "making insurance cover medications". He really didn't make any sense. The four of us have decided that he is my crack pick of the day. He's smoking crack. He went in circles and it seems to us he was saying we should be glad it was covered at all. When I said we were happier when it was covered for a $131 copay before Obamacare and that $495 wasn't really coverage at all, he was speechless.Does anyone really think that a copay increasing 400% is Obamacare working to make coverage more affordable? If so, for whom?

I don't think Karen had ever been put in her place before. I think she was surprised that I wasn't going to allow her to belittle me and treat me in such a condescending manner. My friend reminded them that for each one of us there were hundreds, thousands and even millions of Americans who feel the same way we do and stand with us.She works for us and shouldn't be rude, condescending and roll her eyes at me!

The meeting ended abruptly after my friend's teenage daughter spoke. She wasn't given opportunity to complete her entire opinion. Josh stood up saying they had to leave and Karen followed suit. Really? We drive six hours and they rush us out the door?  

We also overheard her office staff being rude to phone callers. Like we didn't already know that! Her staff has been rude an hung up on me before, too. Oddly enough, when I disagree with our Republican senator, his office staff has always been friendly!

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