Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 67 Medical Expense Update

Pay day comes and goes....we bring home less and have to pay out more in medical expenses.  As of today, the number is $5,572.73.

$4,451.69 of out of pocket medical expenses billed for 2013 and $1, 121.04 paid on 2012's leftover medical bills. This doesn't include several appointments we have not received EOBs or bills for.

Obama still sucks. Paying that $495.03 copay this week really hurt. When the invoice comes with the meds in the mail, I'll be sure to post a picture.   Obamacare hurts families like mine with sick kids. Families like mine who have insurance and good jobs. We qualify for ZERO assistance- zip, zilch. Not one government or drug program assists us.  We don't want to ever rely on programs, but as Obamacare pushes medical expenses higher and higher, middle class families like ours will be crushed.

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