Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Here We Go Again

Every. Single. Time. I am blown away. We saw the doctor yesterday and Js MRI was abnormal.

J has several congenital defects in his wrist that have caused damage-- and that's why the pain for over a year now. Flattening of the carpus and loss of normal carpal arc and some sort of chronic tendinosis and/or magic angle phenomenon. His ulna is longer than his radius and it has damaged other bones (ulnar abutment syndrome) - he says the flattening and the ulnar thing are congenital and degenerative. The damage cannot be reversed, but we can stop further damage with surgery- but we can't do surgery until the growth plates have closed - which should be soon. He talked about casting his arm until surgery to stop further damage (because damage cannot be reversed). There is also something wrong with the nerve-- but by this point my brain shut down - neurovascular compromise b/c of damage or some such thing. Any orthopedics in the house can explain further. On the plus side- J's pain is right above the congenital defect and damage, so the doc says it totally makes sense. The surgery involves shortening the ulna and placing plates and screws..... again..... I think he said plates and screws, but my brain was on overload at that point. He showed us everything on the MRI - like we know what we are looking at. HA!

I tremble because of what Obamacare has already done to our family....... if his growth plates don't close this year, will we have insurance next year? Offering it all up during this Holy Week. God is faithful.

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