Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Problem with Some Pro-Life Groups

We already know that both parties are working in collusion against the American people.  But what about all of those so-called conservative pro-life groups?  Have they become power and money hungry to the point they no longer REALLY care about the issue of life?

Susan B. Anthony List raving
 over a politician who voted to fund PP
Much like the NRA helps in maintaining the status quo, I believe many pro-life groups are doing a disservice to the pro-life community when they endorse incumbents who voted to fund Planned Parenthood-- simply because of the two pro-life candidates, one is an incumbent. 

This election cycle, I lost respect for pro-life groups like National Right to Life and NC Right to Life who endorsed candidates who voted to fund Planned Parenthood when they voted FOR the December 18, 2015 omnibus. The appropriations bill needed a rider barring Title X spending and Medicaid reimbursements from going to PP. These organizations know this, but some would rather attack and work against the candidate who would have actually fought to defund and prosecute PP, because it's politically expedient and beneficial to support an entrenched incumbent. Then you have another pro-life group lauding a politician who voted to fund Planned Parenthood as an "indispensable pro-life leader". Puke. 

NCRTL congratulating recommended
 candidates that include incumbents
who voted to fund PP.
I stayed silent about the groups as we fought to defund PP until the head of NC RTL began publicly calling me out as a liar because I called Foxx out for voting to fund Planned Parenthood in the omnibus bill.  You simply cannot say you are pro-life if you vote to fund Planned Parenthood.  Pro-life groups who support politicians who voted to fund Planned Parenthood (who also failed to even stand up and speak out against funding of Planned Parenthood) have lost my respect. You cannot support ANYONE who votes to fund Planned Parenthood and be pro-life. PERIOD. 

It is estimated that Foxx spent nearly $1 million on her campaign against me. It was also reported that NCRTL was making calls for her.  All this to my $83,000 or so.  I'm proud to have gone up against the entirety of the establishment. I consider these establishment loving lobbyist groups to be part of the establishment AND part of the problem. 

Planned Parenthood receives $550 million a year of our tax dollars.  It is unconscionable that PP was funded and even more so that so-called pro-life groups would support and defend politicians who voted to fund Planned Parenthood!!

It's time to realize that we have conservative lobbyist groups contributing to the decline and moral decay of America, too. It's not just the liberals destroying the fabric of our society.  I'm actually more angry with the conservative groups than liberals because these conservative groups purport to be fighting abortion and then turn around and support the very people who voted to fund the largest abortion provider in the United States.

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