Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Liberal Hate

Elections bring out the best in liberals :sarcastic font:

One of my friends working the polls during early voting had a crazy man yell at her, "I would never vote for that right wing B****" 

Another friend working the polls was told I was to the right of Hitler. 

A liberal Republican woman was working the polls for a conservative judge and told people after I spoke with them, "Please don't vote for her." She was surprised when I remembered her email telling me that I was what was wrong with the Republican Party. <<---LMAO 

A liberal man who kept harassing me via private message on Facebook sent me an email after the election because I'd blocked him from contacting me on FB! After several very crazy messages, I block. Why do liberals always think everyone cares so much about their opinion!!?

His emails crack me up- I couldn't help but let him know he made me laugh. <smirk> I simply responded "LMAO"

What kind of person spews such hatred? A liberal. 

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