Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Deacon from Our Church Endorsed Me

I'm blessed to have so many endorsements from YOU- we the people. Those are the best endorsements and they mean the most.

Our Deacon at church has been a supporter from the beginning (I've posted pictures of me with his family all decked out in Pattie Curran gear holding yard signs before)...but today, I received a pleasant surprise, he filled out the endorsement form on my website. You can find it here.

I smiled when the email notification came through alerting me I had an endorsement and I read:

"I am the deacon at Pattie’s church I find her to be an honest and upright person. She WILL stand by We The People. I’m proud to call her my friend. Many Blessings Pattie. Godspeed. -Reverend Mr Tim Ritchey"

It's nice to get endorsements from the people who know you best. 

Thank you to everyone who has endorsed me! I am BLESSED beyond measure. 

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