Thursday, April 7, 2016

Another Medication Not Covered Thanks to #Obamacare

Thanks to Obamacare another medication is not covered. My J used to take it without a pre-auth for a different illness (switched to another med) and now we need it for S and guess what? Not covered. 
This is lifesaving. This is needed. Biopsies confirmed the other medication doesn't work at all. 
Now that big nanny government regulates all insurance causing huge cost increases and gets in the way of the doctor patient relationship, we can't get the medications our kids need for the diseases they have. OUR DOCTORS should be able to treat us WITHOUT government telling them what they can and cannot prescribe via regulatory fiat!!! 
Government can never solve problems like the free market. Government regulations create problems. Then stupid legislators then create more regulations to fix what their previous regulations broke----thus creating WORSE problems. So forth and so on. 
Get government OUT of my life and out of my medical care!! FULL REPEAL of ‪#‎ACA‬
The ACA cannot be fixed it must be fully repealed. Every. Single. Word. ‪#‎FullRepeal‬
Off to FIGHT for what my children NEED.

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