Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Best Regards!?

I received the following email yesterday from a registered Democrat married to the Republican I was trying to reach at her door. I knocked on 149 doors yesterday. Met some wonderful folks.

This email made me laugh. My response follows:

I came home today and found your 'handwritten' note tucked into my doorknob.  At first I thought this was an actual note from a neighbor or friend, but I quickly realized that it was just another packaged political advertisement.
Trust me...I am no Virginia Foxx supporter, but compared to your positions she would be considered a dyed-in-the-wool leftist. Republican/Tea-Party candidates such as you who hold such extreme positions would doubtless kick Ronald Reagan out of the Republican party for not being 'conservative' enough.
I think the Tea Party movement has peaked and will soon be relegated to the ash-heap of history.  Fortunately....as recently evidenced by NC's HB-2, when people see what people such as yourself actually would bring to the table, they find that they want no part of it.
Perhaps you should seek a position less ambitious than that of a US Representative.  With your vast experience, I'm sure a more suitable position could be found in the fast food industry.
best regards,"
Who writes this sort of thing and then closes, "best regards"!? It is clear he doesn't wish the best for me. <smile>
Thank you for your message, Txxx!  I love Ronald Reagan- he is one of my heroes. I would never have considered kicking him out of the party. :)
I've knocked on 10,398 doors as of today. I fully realize not every door I knock on will be a supporter. Isn't it great to be an American where we have people who want to represent us going door to door? If you had been at home, we could have had a discussion and gotten to know one another.
Our nation is almost $20 trillion in debt. We cannot afford to keep passing $1.1 trillion dollar spending bills. We must leave a better America for our children and grandchildren.
I was actually enlisted in the ARNG and went through OCS and became an officer. I was an executive officer of a HQ detachment. I was a social worker and I currently run a nonprofit that gives research grants to researchers for a rare disease called Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome. That being said, I'd have no problem working at a fast food place, as I did many times to work my way through college. There is dignity in hard work.
God bless you! Thanks again for contacting me.
Are Democrats really THAT elitist? I've worked fast food, waited tables, and worked as a file girl, nanny, and several other jobs to get through college. These JOBS provided the money I needed for rent, food and clothing. There is NOTHING wrong with working a fast food job.  My husband worked at Albertsons unloading trucks in the middle of the night right out of college. He had a day job and was building experience for his career, it didn't pay much, so he got a second job unloading trucks. There is DIGNITY in working hard!

I suppose when faced with unemployment, the writer could never work just ANY job to get by. Crazy, isn't it!?

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