Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Left Never Does Their Due Diligence

I often don't know if I should laugh or cry over the ignorance of the left. They never do their due diligence on anything. That's how we got the ACA. They had to pass the bill to find out what's in it. 

Does anyone on the left realize that while ALL insurance plans are subject to the laws set forth in the ACA, not everyone is eligible for the plans on the exchanges? Not that we want them. I looked at the NC exchange through BCBS and the plans all cost more, cover less and none cover the boys' specialists out of state.

So, as of now, we are not eligible for any plan on the Obamacare exchanges. We have employer benefits and that disqualifies us. If the plans were actually more affordable than our current plan, we wouldn't be living in fear of being dumped to the exchanges. If these plans covered what our current plan covers and let us keep their current doctors, we wouldn't fear being dumped to the exchanges. 

When the left has no facts, all they can do is name call and attack. Sadly, they don't want to face the truth that kids like mine lose access to life-saving treatments if dumped to the Obamacare exchanges. People with Shwachman-Diamond don't do well if they have to go to bone marrow transplant at a regular transplant center. Survival is 50%. If they can go to a place like Cincinnati Children's or Seattle Children's, they have over a 90% chance of survival. If we are dumped to the exchanges, my children can no longer see their specialists out of state and can't go to transplant at these two places.

My opposing the ACA has nothing to do with disliking Obama. I dislike the law and I vehemently oppose his policies. His policies are responsible for destroying my family's finances. If Obama's namesake had actually saved our family the $2500 per year on insurance premiums he promised every Anerican family would save, I'd be singing the praises of the law. If it had decreased our costs instead of exponentially increasing them, I'd be admitting that. I have receipts/invoices on my blog for the world to see. The left ignores them or blames everything other than the law. 

Copays stayed the same for 6 years....the law passes and the copays skyrocket. Premiums, deductibles and out of pocket maxes that had only slightly increased in 6 years suddenly skyrocket after the law starts being implemented. But our increased costs have nothing to do with the law!? Right.  
Repeatedly calling me a liar doesn't make it true. :/ 


Anonymous said...

I've had private insurance since 2003 and every year the premium has drastically increased. One exception - 2009. Co-payments to docs and for scripts have also gone up before Obama was even elected. My plan is grandfathered in and is comparable to a gold plan. Looking at the website for my state the premium would be about the same as I pay now. With the ACA plan there are tests, vaccines and protection against double digit increases that aren't in my grandfathered plan. The upside to my staying in my grandfathered plan is I have out of network coverage - which I recently found out doesn't mean much, since BCBS will only pay what they consider is usual, reasonable and customary and your stuck with being billed for the difference.

Sorry, but IMO the insurance companies have been shafting folks for years and now people with employer based coverage and bare bone policies are finding that out. If ACA hadn't been enacted premiums would have continued to rise and benefits decreased.

One thing I am mystified about - without this law what would your boys do for insurance when they become adults? High risk pool? They were unaffordable for the average person. And part of the reason I'm hanging on to my grandfathered plan is in case the gop ever does repeal it. I've racked up plenty of age related pre-existing conditions in the last 11 years. BCBS slapped a rider on every nit picky thing they could find in my background back in 2003. I went from COBRA to a private plan - having been continuously covered for 15 years prior didn't make any difference in regards to pre-existing when purchasing a private plan. I've been made aware that some employer plans now have a pre-existing clause in their plans - usually 6 months before coverage for those issues kick in.

Pattie Curran said...

We've had the same insurance from 2005-present. Costs barely increased from 2005 through 2010. After the law passed, everything skyrocketed. If you look at blog posts from earlier, you can see the figures... Changes from 2005 through present.

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