Monday, September 8, 2014

Denied Because of #Obamacare

We liked our plan, but we can't keep our plan. For many years, all of our children's medications have been covered. Until Obamacare. That all changed after the law passed. For 6 years before the law, a name brand medication my son was on because he doesn't respond to the generic had a $131 copay for a 3 month supply. That all changed after the law. We worked on getting medical necessity approved, but had to pay $532 several times. We just got the yearly approval for that again today, thankfully...otherwise we'd of paid $708 this refill. Before Obamacare: No stress, no anxiety, just get the script and fill it. Now, we must go through this process forever..... it is a life-long med, which means we will have to do this yearly for as long as his is alive. Never knowing if one day it will be denied.

Today, I received a letter stating that all 20 of their mito cocktail meds were denied coverage without the ability to appeal. We liked our plan, but we can't keep it. These medications were covered for years and years before Obamacare passed. Now we are left without coverage...unless our plan changes back. To read the letter their doctor wrote, go to this link:  You'll see the doctor explains not having these meds can result in death. 

The faxes from the doctor were attached to this letter.

This is thanks to Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Kay Hagan and all the RINOs who stood against Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Those RINOs are just as culpable in the destruction of my family. BECAUSE they failed to STAND UP. 


Travelogue for the Universe said...

I have to comment. This majorly stinks! Medical expenses can't even be easily deducted. Can help? The manufacturing drug company? No appeal rights? Does your state have healthcare ombudsmen? Legal aid? Have been jumping through hoops myself. Gets tiresome, Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

$131 for three months of medicine! That is outrageous. Coming from a country with full state healthcare, I just can't even comprehend that type of financial burden being placed on somebody just to keep them alive. Medicine isn't a market, its a fundamental cornerstone of our lives. Is too important for business to meddle with and make a profit from. The very idea of a private company making a profit from your son's condition and medicinal dependency kind of makes me sick. We may pay more in tax but what is money to humanity? If you need a leg brace you should get it, if you need a heart stent you should get it, if you need physio you should get it, no questions asked. A burden shared is a burden halved.

Pattie C said...

$43 a month is affordable..... what it has turned into is not. Last year when I posted this it was "only" $532. Now, it is over $700 if we don't get a pre-auth every single time AND the copay does;t go toward our deductible or OOP Max. It's above and beyond. It just keeps getting worse.

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