Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Left Came Out to Play

It has been a fun week Nicole did a great job on the OpEd she wrote on my family for the Daily Caller this week. There were quite a few people who were more than happy to comment that I wasn't telling the truth.

I thought the reverend was funny. He says he gives it three weeks before it's debunked by fact checkers (code for "she's lying"),  but later says he didn't say I was lying. So which is it? Am I lying and thus what Nicole wrote in the article will be debunked or am I telling the truth? We all know the reverend thinks I'm lying! LOL  

Of course, I'm a victim of the right wing media. That is their go to line. I could certainly never be telling the truth base on my own experience with Obamacare. No, I'm a shill for the right. 

You knew someone else would say I was a right wing shill. It's on the talking points sheet they get from the DNC. Lisa felt she had to repeat herself. I could only respond with "LOL". Lisa doesn't understand that Obamacare is insurance reform. ALL health insurance. The exchanges are just one part of the law. 

The government now regulates insurance, they all have to cover the same things and this means it's government controlled healthcare. If government dictates what is and is not covered through insurance, government controls healthcare. 

Later Lisa says I'm misinformed. It's pretty funny coming from someone who doesn't even realize that Obamacare was an insurance reform bill, that it regulates all insurance. 

I have documentation to back up my claims. Of course, it is the tactic of the left- without facts, they can only say we have none. Invoices, policy details, etc going back years before Obamacare and through the current year are hardly anecdotal evidence. 

And of course, there's always the token, "It's okay it's happening to your family, look how many people have been helped." She states it differently, but.. You know what she's saying.....Obamacare is so wonderful and great, it doesn't matter if your family is harmed, your children die or can't get their life-saving medications, because it helps so many others. It's just unfortunate, but it is for the greater good (communism). Don't you just feel the compassion of the left in these comments? 

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