Friday, November 8, 2013

Obamacare Killing this Man with Cancer

Get out the kleenex before watching. This man has cancer. His policy was cancelled and he cannot afford an #Obamacare policy. He was paying $180/mo and the exchange policies would cost him $1500/mo with high deductibles and OOP Maxes- MRIs not covered. He's decided to let "nature take its course" and pay the fine if he lives that long #MakeDCListen The #ACA is killing people. I hope my anonymous commenter will tell me how wonderful Obamacare is because this man is dying but someone else saved a few cents on their premiums. I'm sick of liberals who think it is okay for others to die because there are a few fictitious people supposedly being helped by this crap law. Tell that to this man. FYI- this man admits voting for Obama.

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Amber Canaan said...

Goodness gracious :-( I still can't understand how some people say that these cancellations aren't because of Obamacare. I was in a debate recently on facebook with someone who said it had nothing to do with that. People need to wake up!

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