Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Obamacare is an EPIC Fail (pun intended)

Obamacare is an EPIC fail and we are living it firsthand. Not only does the website not work, but the stupid medical records program the law forces hospitals to use, EPIC, is a failure and could cause deaths because no one can access the freaking health records they NEED! I HATE Obamacare. HATE it! It not only has destroyed my family's finances, it has caused problems with the healthcare my children receive. It needs to be REPEALED! No fixes- just straight up REPEALED. America may never recover from the Obamacare nightmare. My son has surgery next week. We've been at the same hospital for 14 years....yet last year when they switched to the Obamacare mandated medical records system, records could no longer be accessed. They've been working over a year to fix this flaw..... apparently without success. Today at his pre-op appointment, they could not get records which had been there in the past- from his neurosurgery at Duke, a surgery at CHOP, several procedures in Cincy and his muscle biopsy in Atlanta. Two of the physicians said, "The records are there, but they are buried so deep we just can't find them." Tell me, what good does this new system do if they can't actually read about my son's condition. The PA and doctors I spoke to today hate Obamacare and what it has done to our medical system. They said they would call Duke and CHOP today and I emailed the records from ATL to the anesthesiologist. When I mentioned to one doctor today that we'd been in the ER a few times and no one could access the boys' records on this new EPIC (fail) system, she asked if I'd reported it. She said doctors are furious because it makes it hard to treat patients when they can't get to their records. They are "buried so deep" that they just can't get to them easily. We talked about what would happen in Js case if I was not with him to speak for him or if he was incapacitated and unable to speak for himself. It's not pretty, folks. The obamacare sugar coating is melting off..... All of this should have been easy to access. What if we show up next week and they don't have the records they need?

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