Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feds Increase Costs To High-Risk Pool Members

Obamacare was supposed to help people. Or so the Democratic Party told us, anyway.  A friend who shared this article with me writes: "Thanks for the $70 premium raise ( that will increase even more this year). Thanks for the $30 price increase on my insulin. I cannot wait to see how much the insulin pump supplies will be."  

People in the High-Risk Pools are being harmed by Obamacare's increased costs, too.  The article from February 13, 2013 Feds Increase Costs to High-Risk Pool Members states the following:

"The Obama administration has increased costs for about 38,000 people enrolled in high-risk insurance pools run under the federal health law to prevent the program from running out of money."

"Under the changes which took effect Jan. 1, enrollees in federally-administered plans saw their maximum out-of-pocket spending limit increase from $4,000 to $6,250, according to a Jan. 31 report by CMS. Enrollees also began being required to order medicines to treat chronic illnesses by mail order after the second prescription refill."

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