Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Unite? Never.

I've been working very hard at keeping despair at bay.  The impending sense of doom that fills my heart as just a thought of next year flashes through my head can be overwhelming. I've written letters to several Republican members of the US House the last several days - hoping and praying that they will have a backbone and stand up to Obama.  We are a nation divided.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say over half the nation opposes Obama. If you factor in the people too disgusted to vote, or the Evangelicals who couldn't vote for Romney because he is a Mormon-- this nation doesn't support Obama's agenda.

Everywhere I turn, I keep seeing Democrats calling us to "unite" - not no, but HELL no. This is not only about our nation's future, but this is also personal. When a party's policies threeaten MY religious freedom and MY family's financial future-- it is personal. I could never unite with a party that denied God three times and removed God from their platform-- before leaders put Him back in against the will of those in attendance at the DNC.  I could never unite with a party whose sacrament is abortion. I could never unite with a party who believes in taking money from people who have earned that money through hard work -- I believe in lower taxes and smaller government- the Democrats believe the opposite. How could I ever unite with them? They are the antithesis to who and what I am.

I cannot even begin to tell you the fear we have as next year approaches.  If you don't have sick kids or sick loved ones, you may not understand.  I keep telling everyone how Obamacare's taxes are going to hurt my family.  The two that will have the biggest effect, I keep writing about-- the drop in flex and decreased itemized deductions for medical expenses.  If you don't have enough medical expenses to itemize, offer a prayer in thanksgiving.

The next items they want us to "unite" on? Fast and Furious and Benghazi. Oh, again, I say HELL no. The Americans killed by the weapons Eric Holder and the Obama Administration gave to Mexican thugs deserve justice from their government. Their famlies deserve answers and justice. The Mexican citizens and their families deserve justice, too.  The four dead Americans in Benghazi deserve justice.  The Benghazi families and the American people deserve answers. Of course, with Obama and his minions running the show, I don't have hope we will find out what really happened in Benghazi or who authorized FnF.  Maybe after the midterm elections - if Republicans take control of the Senate - we can find out what really happened.

I still don't understand how Democrats can support this man and his policies. They oppose war, wanted Gitmo closed....and he followed through on ZERO of his promises in that regard. In fact. he created MORE war-- attacked Libya which was followed by Benghazi.  How do they justify supporting THIS man when they fault Bush for going after our enemies after 9-11?  Of course, with over 40% of regular Mass going Catholics voting for a man who is attacking the religious freedom of their Catholic Church and who supports not only partial birth abortion, but leaving babies born alive after botched abortions to die, how can I ever understand the minds of Democrats, especially Catholic Democrats?  They oppose violence-- except in the womb of a mother.  

I believe we will have more violence in the world how that Obama is heading to a second term. Today he announced 1.6 Trillion in new taxes he'd ike to see come to fruition. Yeah, that's going to help the economy just as much and Obamacare is helping the economy. When will Democrats learn that increasing taxes slows the economy? Even one of their greatest -- JFK -- understood that basic econmic fact.   Yet, somewhere in the "redistribution of wealth" turn, they lost sight of this itty, bitty fact.

My middle guy has been sick with a fever since Sunday -- and you know what I'm thinking? I'm wondering if this time next year, we'll be able to afford to bring him to the doctor when he gets sick.  We're already thinking we won't be able to afford their medications --  it's going to be a dark, dark 4 years.   I'll be clinging to my religion, that's for sure. If I can afford it, I might get a little range practice in there, too.......  and you KNOW we'll never unite with Democrats on the second amendment!

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