Thursday, August 23, 2012

Road Trip!

Some of us are heading on a road trip to see a few colleges and visit friends and family.  My oldest has to stay here because he has to work.  He's going to miss out in riding around in the most spectacular Suburban ever to hit the road!  I'm really proud of my oldest.  I was going to go out to buy groceries for him and he said, "No, just give me the money you were going to spend and let me do it myself, I've been checking out all the deals."  What was I thinking?  Of course he can go out and buy the food he needs on his own! He's homeschooled!  ~smile~  ~wink~   

As I was getting the Suburban ready for the road trip, hubby said, "You're just going to make people hate us as we are driving around. I replied, "There ain't no hate on the left, brother!"  He then came back with, "Sure, drive it to SEIU headquarters and see if they don't throw bricks through the windows."   But..but... all those liberals who yelled at us, and flipped us off, and came up to us with notes and lectures..... surely they support the right to free speech of all Americans, right? 

As you look at this not yet finished piece of art, let me tell you a few things. I wanted it all on there. Hubby only requested the "Rush is Right" sticker, my middle done requested the "Coexist" made out of guns, and my youngest requested "Honk if you're pro-life".   It is going to be a great trip to Texas and Louisiana.  I'm hoping to blog about it and maybe interview people who have reactions (positive or negative) about the Suburban. 

Surely, no liberal would get angry over our expression of free speech, right?


This side only has that S can see out of the window as we drive

side 2

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