Friday, August 31, 2012

Making Liberals Mad in Texas

Last night, I was meeting some long time friends at Panera Bread. I stepped outside to make a phone call and two black men sitting at a table were discussing our Suburban. One of the men stood up and snapped a few pictures of it and said "it doesn't make sense." When my call ended I asked them if they liked my Suburban and asked if he would x out our plates if he posted it online. The look on his face was priceless. It was an opportunity to talk about the HHS mandate, though.

This morning, hubby was at a stop sign and the newspaper guy on the median came up to the window. Hubby rolled it down. The guy asked if he knew why the two American flags he pointed at were at half staff. Then he said it was because Romney was nominated. Hubby didn't say a word. Just rolled up the window. Really!? Are liberals that petty!?

This afternoon, we were flipped off by another classy, articulate liberal as we were going into the grocery store parking lot.

The two black men were having a conversation at a table in public. Had he not taken the liberty of snapping photos, I would not have said anything. I asked him to x out my plates if he posted it online.

The other two liberals!? Wow. Like the lady in Asheville, the paper dude felt he should say something to us. At least his wasn't a lecture. Flip off lady? Just classy.

I'm amazed that people get upset enough they say and do these things. I've seen loads of stickers I don't agree with, yet I've never flipped anyone off or walked up to talk to them. Liberals seem to be so very self-righteous. They just have to set you straight or lecture you. We Republicans would understand the plight of the world if only we would listen to liberals.

We did have a few more positive reactions. One lady in the hotel parking lot put her hands in the air and yelled, "Go Mitt!" Others honked, waved and gave us thumbs up.

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mjbc*t said...

Of all the things that have ever happened, this happened the most.

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