Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mass in Baton Rouge

Today, we were able to go to Mass at the church where we were married. It was under construction, but is still a special place. We had a few unfriendly faces in the parking lot, but that's okay! I'm still seeing November from our Suburban. As we drove away, we had lots of hands waving and honks. We stopped to eat and watched through the window as a mom and her son took pictures of the back. It really is a lot of fun! Some people get so excited when they see our old Suburban. I like watching them as they honk and wave. We the people are tired of Obama's agenda.

Over lunch, we had a discussion that was similar to one of my blog posts about getting the conversation started. Some people, while they agree with all the stickers, don't think being so open about our views is a good thing. Mainly because they think liberals will damage old Bessie. I think it is worth the risk. It starts the conversation. Some people don't even know what the HHS mandate is. When they see us, they ask. That's a good thing.

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