Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Spirit of American Freedom of Speech

Have you ever REALLY thought about the first amendment and its guarantee of free speech?  It doesn't mean that we have to agree with the spoken words in order that someone have the freedom to speak them.  I get so tired of the angry left coming out to play when someone on the right speaks out. They say hateful, violent things in response. Why can't they embrace the spirit of American freedom of speech?  I would like to tell you what the spirit of American freedom of speech means to me.

I am pro-life. This does not mean I hate those who have had abortions. I homeschool. That does not mean I hate people who choose "regular" school. I love the second amendment, but do not hate people who are afraid to/do not want to own guns. I believe in traditional marriage. This does not mean I hate homosexuals. Why do so many on the left assume differently? I can love all people -- even those with whom I fundamentally disagree. Many on the left call themselves tolerant, yet they hate those of us who don't see the world the way they do-- like Rosanne and others, they often call for us to get cancer or to die. THAT is leftist intolerance and bigotry. The hypocrisy makes me want to puke. (I use this in a facetious way and do not literally want to puke).

I have many close very liberal Democrat friends. Am I to assume that because they exercise their right to speak about an issue and fundamentally disagree with my position that they hate me?  If I did, I would not have many friends.  I mean, even we conservatives disagree on some fundamental issues from time to time.

I had a very nice conversation with a homosexual friend about gay marriage. The next day,  I was called a hypocrite by a heterosexual liberal friend when having a conversation on the same issue.  I'd say that my homosexual friend has a real grasp of what the spirit of American Freedom of Speech is. My heterosexual liberal friend, not so much!  No matter how much I fundamentally disagree with someone, I would never hate them or call for them to get cancer or wish them to die.  This goes over the top. Rosanne is a sick, twisted individual for saying she hoped anyone who ate at SH**-fil-A got "the cancer".  You may say she is being facetious, but let's get this straight-- facetious or not, wishing cancer upon anyone is just plain evil.  She said ANYONE... so the little kids, old people and people who are clueless about the controversy? She wishes they would get cancer, too. I think it is hypocritical of self-professed "tolerant" people to wish cancer upon people with whom they disagree. Tolerance isn't wishing death upon people with whom we disagree, either. Tolerance isn't forcing them to be quiet because we disagree with their position. Tolerance is letting them have their say and allowing them to live their lives according to their own values. It includes allowing them to run a business on Biblical principles, even if you hate the Bible.

If you truly respect others, you will love them in spite of fundamental disagreements. Embrace the spirit of America - learn to get along with those people who use their freedom of speech to say things with which you do not agree.  How blessed we are to live in a country where freedom of speech is protected! I am proud to be American!

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